This Downtown Columbus Condo Offers a Scenic Retreat

Article originally published in Columbus Monthly by Laurie Allen

A city-center family enjoys quieter times from a fourth floor perch at Parks Edge.

With its spectacular city views and custom details, Angie and Brian Joslyn’s home in the Arena District brings together their love of city life with the desire for a quieter place to enjoy it all.

“Thankful” and “lucky” are the words they use to describe how they feel about living in a home where city energy merges with greenway trails and unique vistas.

The Joslyns live in Parks Edge, a new luxury condominium development along West Spring Street near McPherson Commons and, from the building’s front, overlooking the Scioto River. In 2015, Nationwide Realty Investors kicked off the development, located a block away from Nationwide Arena. The third and final phase is to be completed next year, when a new 10-story building will join the two existing 12-story residences for a total of 201 units. The development includes a 15-year, 100 percent property tax abatement.

“It’s a very quiet area in the midst of so much busyness Downtown,” Brian says. “I feel thankful to live someplace with close access to bike paths and walkways. … There’s so much to see, and we don’t feel sequestered.”

The Joslyns have called Parks Edge home since moving there in October 2017 from the adjacent Burnham Square condominiums. They loved the Burnham Square condo and had made extensive renovations but sought a bigger space when they learned they were expecting a child. At 3,300 square feet, the Parks Edge condo is roughly double the size of their previous dwelling and feels especially roomy with walls of glass and an open floor plan, Angie says.

Prior to settling in the Arena District, the Joslyns lived in German Village, not far from Brian’s criminal law practice, where both work. “We’ve always been Downtown people,” Angie adds.

At Parks Edge, they chose a tree-level, fourth-floor unit because it maximizes the amount of greenery directly in front of them. The corner unit provides expansive views and includes a wrap-around terrace and outdoor living area. That has been a favorite area, especially this year when many of the nearby sports, entertainment and eating venues have curtailed operations during the COVID pandemic. Plants soften the cityscape and create a sense of privacy, while a custom grill allows them to make warm-weather meals while sipping homemade cocktails and relishing the view.

Inside the condo, clean lines, a mostly neutral color palette and varying textures create interest without being distracting. The focal point is a custom bar at windows’ edge, which produces a perfect city overlook where people can gather and gaze. The bar was fabricated locally and hand-painted in a metallic Champagne finish. Its top is inset with bronze-toned mirrored glass, says Amanda Sexton, the lead designer and owner of Distinctive Residential Design, which counts several Arena District owners among its clients.

As with most families, the kitchen is the hub of activities for the couple and their now 4-year-old daughter, Maryjane. The couple made the kitchen roomier by removing a large pantry, which allowed more seating at the island. Quartz countertops and modern, flat-panel cabinets in a neutral “greige” tone contribute to the clean look, while the handmade ceramic tile backsplash adds texture. The backsplash “was quite a feat,” says Angie, recalling her exhaustive search for the perfect material, which she eventually found at Hamilton Parker. Each handmade tile is glazed to order, giving it a range of color throughout, Sexton explains.

With windows dominant, the goal was to control light and privacy throughout the day without blocking the commanding view, Sexton says. Window coverings are light-filtering roller shades with a mobile app that allows users to create a schedule to raise and lower them. The design firm’s work room fashioned cornices to finish the look.

The Joslyns home has other custom features, including the master bathroom, which they modified “to account for the fact that we’re a family living Downtown, not a hockey player or a bachelor.” (Several units at Parks Edge and other nearby condominiums are owned by Columbus Blue Jackets players or executives who live there only part of the year.) The large bathtub is adjacent to a window wall rather than free-floating in the room, and ledges hold practical items like soap.

In the master bedroom, two sofa seats with pullout storage underneath are built into a wall of windows and are Angie’s favorite place to relax after a long day. “I love my bedroom. It’s my sanctuary,” she says. “I put my feet up … and I just unwind.”

Brian got the idea for the window seats from a hotel during the family’s frequent travels. In another area, a Houston hotel inspired the entry hall, where two chandeliers hang from a recess in the ceiling. Tube lighting within the recess amps up the illumination in an area that is darker than the rest of the home.

They also closed off an open office and sitting area, turning the space into a third bedroom. Although not a typical family neighborhood, Angie says the greater Downtown area has many nearby attractions for children, including COSI, Columbus Children’s Theatre, the Main Library, parks and more.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected those attractions this year, and with venues in their immediate neighborhood closed or operating with restricted hours, things are a bit different now. “We miss all of that, and especially the [running] races that come down Spring Street,” says Angie. That said, she and her husband have appreciated how easy it has been to navigate the neighborhood in recent months.

“I spent the first year looking out the windows saying ‘I can’t believe I live here,’” she says. Three years later, she adds: “We feel lucky to live here.”

Construction photos: Chipotle office, condos and more continue their rise in the Arena District

Article originally published in Columbus Business First by Tristan Navera | October 14, 2020

Twenty years ago this month, the Columbus Blue Jackets played their first game in Nationwide Arena.

At the time, the arena was mostly surrounded by rusty industrial buildings and empty space. What was then Flytown was largely overlooked real estate. But what has risen since then – and what keeps rising – has changed the paradigm for the whole city.

Developer Nationwide Realty Investors Ltd. at first envisioned the Arena District as a limited development. But it’s since invested $1.2 billion across 100 acres, including 1.5 million square feet of commercial space. And it’s not done yet.

A billion dollars of construction along the northern arc of downtown Columbus is poised to transform the urban core.

Nationwide Realty President and COO Brian Ellis said construction has proceeded normally on the most prominent portions of the project. For instance, the third building in the Parks Edge condominium development is rising on John H. McConnell Boulevard. The 10-story, 50-unit tower is timely as all but two of the units in the tower next to it are spoken for. “For the most part all of our for-sale product has done really well,” Ellis said. “Even coming out of the chute we’re seeing strong interest in the units built there. The declining interest rates have helped motivate our buyers.”

Continue to Business First for the full article >>

5 Ways to Stay Active During the Winter in Columbus

It’s easy to fall into a hibernation during those winter months of snow, sleet and cold. As the temperature drops, it can be harder to exercise—but with the right winter workout plan, you can still find the motivation to get fit. After all, summer bodies are made in the winter, right?

The key to getting out in the cold is pursuing activities or workouts that appeal to you. If you love what you do, you’ll find that it’s not that hard to stay encouraged and stick to your workout goals in the winter.

Here’s our winter workout guide to staying fit and healthy in Columbus!


Ice Skating

The good thing about ice skating is that it can be done indoors or outside on a frozen pond. Getting active on the ice can be fun and an excellent form of exercise—as skating works nearly every muscle group in the body, and gliding requires synchronized movement of the legs. Like any workout, skating is good for your cardiovascular health and it gets the blood pumping! There are plenty of ice skating rinks in Columbus to enjoy, like OhioHealth’s Ice Haus and three Chiller rinks.


Athletic Club

Joining a Columbus gym like the Arena District Athletic Club (ADAC) makes working out season averse. With the ability to bypass weather conditions entirely, the ADAC offers both one-on-one and group training sessions, private yoga instruction and world-class equipment. If you’re looking for something more intense, fitCAMP offers a 4-week, 16-session high intensity training program that will get your body in tip-top shape for summer.


Finding a workout class that you enjoy will make staying active in the winter easier and enjoyable. Located right in the heart of downtown Columbus’ Arena District, ADAC is the perfect place to start (or end) your day.



Hiking during the winter is worth the extra layers—seriously. The trails are less crowded and calmer this time of year, allowing you to fully enjoy the outdoor experience. Whether it’s dry and cold or wet and snowy, the winter scenery is wholly unique. Grab your coat and a friend to explore Columbus Metro Parks, or join their annual winter hike series for guided public group outings.



The winter season is a great time to experience the addicting joys of Pilates—the art of controlled movements! One of the best places in Columbus to take classes is Club Pilates in Grandview Yard. No matter your age or level of fitness, there’s a class that will work for you. Try it out and keep your body agile and flexible through the chilly weather.


Get Inspired

If you still need an extra kick of fitness inspiration, you’ll absolutely find it when the Arnold Sports Festival & EXPO returns to Columbus from March 5-8! More than 20K athletes from around the world will compete in 80+ events that test the limits of physical strength and endurance.

What winter workouts keep you active in Columbus?

CBF Morning Run: What you need to know today and a beautiful night with my wife, Elvis and Zach

Originally published in Columbus Business First by Mark Somerson

Happy Monday morning, Columbus.

The Blue Jackets are on a roll, baby. Against all odds and conventional wisdom, the team is playing like a contender. Heck, they beat Boston in Boston last week.

But this column doesn’t start in Boston. It starts in Columbus a few days before we celebrated a new year …

My youngest daughter bought me a hat for Hanukkah.

It’s a warm and comfy Columbus Blue Jackets hat in red, white and blue. It’s topped with a pom pom.

Caroline purchased it for me as a replacement for the Blue Jackets hat that I gladly tossed to the ice on Nov. 29 when forward Gustav Nyquist scored a hat trick in the team’s 5-2 win over the Penguins at Nationwide Arena.

That was a glorious night spent celebrated with my other daughter, Mara, who is my partner at Blue Jackets games.

I have a few other Blue Jackets hats at home, but that was among my favorites. It was a third jersey hat that I quite liked. A nice topper, if you will.

Here it is:

Anyhoo, I wore the new hat on New Year’s Eve.

My wife, Jackie, and I started out the evening in the Brewery District, where we dug into a platter of “bread and fat” at Rockmill Tavern, drank some fine brews and shared a wonderful dinner. You might remember I wrote about said bread and fat in a past column. It is an amazing plate full of sin and flavor.

Go try it. Now. You’ll thank me. (By the way, if you are on a diet that restricts bread and fats, you might order the veggie platter.)

After a delightful meal, Jackie and I headed to the Arena District to watch the Blue Jackets play the Florida Panthers, who brought Sergei Bobrovsky back to Columbus for his first game at Nationwide Arena since leaving over the summer.

Jackie doesn’t attend that many games. But when she does, she expects the team to 1) score every time they bring the puck down the ice, 2) stop every shot on defense, 3) win, and 4) win by a lot.

That’s a lot of pressure on a team that has lost a good chunk of its starters to a ridiculous number of injuries, including one suffered by its starting goalie in the previous game.

In all, 10 players who should have been on the ice were nursing various body parts that were broken, ripped and bruised.

One that really deflated confidence was Joonas Korpisalo’s injury. He tore the meniscus in a knee Sunday afternoon, and that meant that Elvis Merzlikins would start in goal on Tuesday.

Elvis had yet to notch an NHL win. He was 0-4 heading into New Year’s Eve.

Jackie was not impressed with the odds. Oh, and she is not a fan of goalies who leave the crease to chase down pucks. She yells at them to get back. Loudly. Every time.

Thankfully, Elvis had one of those magical nights that rookie goalies dream about. The young man played the game of his life, stopping 36 of 37 shots.

While incredible, Jackie still yelled at Elvis to get back in the crease every time he skated behind the goal to play a puck.

What does this have to do with new hats? Well, Elvis wasn’t the only star of the game.

Defenseman Zach Werenski just happened to score three goals that night. A rare and lovely hat trick.

And when that third goal went in the net at 8:04 in the third period, I pulled my new hat from my head, cocked my arm and prepared to toss my lid to the ice.

That’s when Jackie caught my eye. “Really? Caroline just bought you that hat.” That’s true.

Besides, I’ve tossed four or five hats onto the ice over the years to celebrate these feats of hockey greatness. And it was chilly outside. Brr.

In the end, the Jackets won 4-1, Elvis and my wife got to celebrate a big win, and I kept my balding dome warm on the long walk to the car.


Chipotle office, new condo tower move forward in Arena District

Article originally published in Columbus Business First by Tristan Navera

Two notable Arena District projects are moving forward after landing a favorable reception from the Downtown Commission Wednesday morning.

The commission approved two developments Nationwide Realty Investors Ltd. has planned for the district: a new mixed-use development on the gravel lots at 200 Vine St. and a 10-story tower that will complete the Parks Edge condominium development.

Brian Ellis, COO of Nationwide Realty Investors, said this completes the master plan for the Arena District begun 22 years ago.

“This is something of a milestone,” Ellis said. “Everybody knows the Arena District has expanded almost as far as it can to the west … we first talked about the Arena District as about 75 acres, now it’s about 220 acres on all sides.”

The projects approved Wednesday include a $24.5 million mixed-use development, anchored by Chipotle’s new Columbus office, that will replace a parking lot on the north edge of the Arena District. Its most prominent feature, 200 Vine St., will be a $14 million, four-story, 132,000-square-foot office building along Neil Avenue between Vine Street and Spruce Street.

Read the full article on Columbus Business First.

6 Benefits of Living in Downtown Columbus

Planning on moving from the suburbs or countryside to downtown Columbus? Whether you’re making the change for work, family reasons or simply desire to be where the action is, there’s no better place to live in Ohio than Columbus proper!


To better acquaint you with the Columbus city life, here six great benefits of moving into a downtown Columbus apartment or condominium.


  1. Say Goodbye to Long Commutes

One of the greatest advantages to living in downtown Columbus is close proximity to offices and great access to public transportation. Studies show that the longer you sit in the car for your commute, the higher your risk of obesity, stress, diabetes and high blood pressure. If you work in Columbus, living in the city significantly reduces your drive time—allowing you to trim the commute, trim the fat and increase your happiness.


  1. Be Where the Action Is

 It’s no secret that a lot goes on in downtown Columbus, especially in its Arena District. Having more going on around you encourages you to get out, socialize and experience things you never would have living in the suburbs or countryside. Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, we all need certain levels of social interaction to achieve a higher level of happiness, and living in the city gives you on-demand access to exactly that.


  1. Greater Culinary Exploration

 Living in downtown Columbus puts you in close proximity with some of Ohio’s best restaurants and bars—from local eateries to nationally established bistros. Urban living can empower your every dietary desire and need by providing a mix of healthy options, comfort cuisine or late-night hot spots to choose your next meal from.


  1. More Opportunity to Be Active

  Not only does city living reduce your commute time, it also reduces all your time spent in the car. With everything within a walkable radius or short drive, you can spend a lot more time on your feet and less time sitting in traffic. Downtown Columbus is filled with fantastic parks and walking, running and biking trails within the city—including the popular Scioto Mile located along the Scioto River! Additionally, Columbus offers fantastic access to physical fitness programs like yoga, spin classes, weight training and more at places like the Arena District Athletic Club.


  1. Access A Diverse Community

 When living in downtown Columbus, you are introduced to a wide array of people, cultures, faiths and languages—something that those living in the suburbs or countryside are rarely acquainted with. This type of urban lifestyle, in which you’re living among a greater representation of the world, can greatly expand your worldview and provide ample opportunities to meet friends and neighbors of differing backgrounds.


  1. Faster Emergency Response Times

 This may not seem very important on the surface, but it could end up saving your life. Columbus has a large population, which is why it also features state-leading emergency response teams and hospitals located within city limits. You will be able to relax much more knowing that, should something happen, the state’s greatest healthcare professionals are mere minutes away.

There is a lot more to love about living in Columbus, but all of boils down to things that will increase happiness, healthiness and all-around activity. City living truly has something for everyone. Leave your troubles in the suburbs and come join a plethora of people and experiences that are perfect for you!

Click here to find the Columbus downtown apartment right for you .

5 Ways to Stay Active in Columbus

With summer in full swing and a few months of warm weather still ahead, there are endless ways to stay active in Columbus. Finding the time and motivation to stay active may seem daunting, but Columbus is full of unique and fun activities that will keep you on your exercise kick.

Grab a friend, your dog or enjoy some time alone and explore these five ways to stay active in Columbus!



Biking is one of the best, and most enjoyable, forms of cardio! Not only are you staying active, but you are saving energy and enjoying time outside as well. Columbus has no shortage of scenic trails to choose from, with each one being unique. Riders can choose trails based off mileage, intensity or location.

The Alum Creek Trail travels along one of Columbus’ most scenic river corridors, and Blacklick Creek Trail weaves bikers toward three different parks. In downtown Columbus, the Scioto Trail travels along the downtown riverfront, while a second connecting trail runs along the west bank of the Scioto River to Dodge Park.

Whether you want to plan a half-day trip with family or friends or just want to enjoy a quick bike ride, there’s a trail in Columbus that’s perfect for every adventure!


2. Swimming

Swimming laps is a full-body workout that offers a wide variety of health benefits such as strength building, muscle toning and maintaining a healthy heart. There are both indoor and outdoor pool options in Columbus, open both early in the mornings and in the evenings.

The Columbus Aquatics Center offers an indoor pool with lap lanes, along with several water fitness programs. If you are looking to soak up the sun while getting a good workout in, Columbus has several great outdoor public pools—including Dodge Swimming Pool and Driving Park Pool.


3.Workout Classes at the Arena District Athletic Club

Workout classes are a productive and fun way to stay fit—with so many different classes offered, it’s easy to find one that matches your interests and strengths. Located in the heart of downtown Columbus’ Arena District, the Arena District Athletic Club is the perfect place to get your day started or unwind after work.

Whether it’s a spin class or yoga session, you’ll get a great workout whether you go with a friend or enjoy a class by yourself. Finding a workout class that you enjoy can make staying active really enjoyable, and the Arena District Athletic Club offers over 15 different workout classes.

The Arena District Athletic Club is also hosting a free 50-minute all-levels vinyasa yoga class on Battelle Plaza outside of Nationwide Arena on Sunday, August 18 at noon! Participants can enter to win a new yoga mat and enjoy other goodies. RSVP here!


4. Club Pilates at Grandview Yard

Club Pilates at Grandview Yard offers low-impact, full-body workouts that are known for all-over toning. The wide range of classes strive to provide a path to a richer, more fulfilling life through workouts that challenge your mind and body.

If you’ve never tried it before, a free intro class is offered for first-timers who are interested in incorporating pilates into their fitness routines. With a wide variety of class times throughout the day, incorporating a class into your day and staying fit is effortless!


5. Walk or Run in the Park

A classic way to stay active on a nice warm day in Columbus is to take advantage of the wide variety of scenic parks that the city has to offer. Whether you are in the mood to go on a walk or run, there are plenty of beautiful parks to choose from.

The Battelle Riverfront Park, for instance, is located on the eastern bank of the Scioto River and is home to numerous monuments and memorials. The park also offers access to Greenway Trail, along with river access. If you decide to take a walk among Columbus’ downtown area, Bicentennial Park is one of the area’s most popular parks and is a perfect place to cool down after a long day.

Staying active is an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle, and Columbus makes it easy to find enjoyable ways to keep fit. Whether you decide to take a workout class or go for a walk, there are countless parks and facilities within Columbus to explore!

What’s Around: Bars in Columbus

What’s Around is a series from Columbus Downtown Apartments that gives Columbus residents a look at the various shopping, culture and entertainment options available in their own backyard.


Summer is the perfect time to hang out and catch up with friends – especially now that the weather is nice. Whether you’re looking for a pint of Ohio craft beer or a quick bite to eat, here are some of the best bars in downtown Columbus.

R Bar

  1. R Bar Arena (413 N Front St., Columbus OH 43215)

The R Bar Arena is located in the heart of Columbus’ Arena District. With its 30+ flat screen TVs, you’ll never miss a game, no matter which season it is. After all, it is known as the best place to watch hockey in Columbus!

From a full-service bar to delicious lunch and dinner food options, your party’s cravings will be satisfied, guaranteed. Enjoy the summer weather on the patio for an added bonus!


Hofbrau Haus

  1. Hofbräuhaus Columbus Brewery & Restaurant (800 Goodale Blvd., Columbus, OH 43212)

Hofbräuhaus Columbus Brewery & Restaurant in the Grandview Yard area is a great place for friends and family to enjoy refreshing beers and tasty food. It offers a wide selection of traditional beer, brewed onsite every day.

With its vibrant environment, decorated rooms, live music and one of Columbus’ best outdoor Biergartens, Hofbräuhaus is perfect for all types of group outings and events.



  1. Big Bang Dueling Piano Bar (401 N. Front St., Columbus, OH 43215)

If you’re looking for an entertaining night out with friends, look no further than the Big Bang Dueling Piano Bar, located right here in the Arena District! The piano bar is known as the most exciting live music destination in the area. Grab a drink, make a song request and enjoy a never-ending celebration!


R Bar

  1. A&R Music Bar (391 Neil Ave, Columbus, OH 43215)

The A&R Music Bar is a healthy mix of bar, entertainment center and restaurant. It’s the perfect place to witness an up-and-coming music artist, or to simply stop by for a drink with friends.

Whether you’re heading to a concert or a sporting event, A&R is your place, with an outdoor patio that opens to crowds two hours before all Arena District events.


  1. The Three-Legged Mare (401 N. Front St., Columbus, OH 43215)

Are Irish pubs with tasty fare and flowing beer your thing? The Three-Legged Mare is perfect for you! With over 15 TVs, two giant projection screens, darts and pub trivia, entertainment is endless at the Mare! The full bar is—of course—a plus, too.


BONUS: Whistle & Keg Columbus (343 N. Front St., Columbus, OH 43215)

Columbus craft beer lovers will soon have another local bar to become a regular at: Whistle & Keg—a Youngstown, Ohio-based, self-service craft beer taproom opening later this summer in the Arena District’s historic Moline Plow building!

Whistle & Keg Columbus will feature 12-foot high ceilings, with large bell-shaped columns throughout and an expansive outdoor patio overlooking Battelle Plaza and the arena. Stay tuned for the opening of this pour-your-own concept in the Arena District!

Find fun events and things to do in the downtown Columbus Arena District for the week of April 15, 2019.

With so much going on in the Arena District each week, deciding what to do and where to go can be a tricky decision. To help you find the best events, Columbus Downtown Apartments is offering the inside scoop on the top things to do in the District this week.

The Columbus Blue Jackets are in the thick of the first round of Stanley Cup Playoffs, and the vibe in the Arena District is electric! Easter is also this weekend, and downtown Columbus is celebrating with a fun-filled Adult Easter Egg Hunt.

Much more is also in store! Click here to read you Columbus Arena District Digest for the week of April 15, 2019.

The Perfect Night Out: Guide for Introducing Friends to Downtown Columbus

Obviously, you want to show them a great time, but with so much to do in Columbus—from the Arena District to Grandview Heights—planning the perfect night suddenly seems overwhelming.

But fear not! As experts on all things fun in downtown Columbus, we put together a blueprint for the perfect night out. If you want to impress your friends and introduce them to the great city that is Columbus, check out this guide.


The Pregame

Every great night out begins with a solid pregame! To give your friends the warmest welcome possible, pick up some drinks and hors d’oeuvres from your local supermarket and have them laid out and ready by the time they arrive.

If you’re a downtown Columbus condo resident crunched for time, your Resident VIP card will get you free curbside express pickup on orders of $75 or more at Giant Eagle Market District in Grandview Heights.

After catching up for a bit over drinks, it’s time for the night to begin!


The Dinner

Nothing acquaints people to an urban area quite like the food—it provides a powerful first impression and shapes perception in a big way. After your friends get settled in to your condo, it’s time to grab dinner at one downtown Columbus’ many fantastic restaurants.

No matter the cuisine or dietary preference, the city has an option that’s perfect for your group and bound to keep them raving. Here is our list of recommend dinner spots in downtown Columbus, based on the type of food you’re looking for:









The Nightlife

Whether or not your friends have a good time in the city can rest entirely on where you choose to spend your night. After a great meal at one of downtown Columbus’ great restaurants, it’s time to paint the town red with a fun nighttime activity.

Whether you’re in the mood for live music or a sporting event, the city has what you need to provide a truly memorable experience for your group—one that you’ll remember fondly for years to come. Here are a few recommendations that the whole group will enjoy:

Sports Bar 


Live Music


Once the night is over, it’s time to lead the group back to your spacious downtown Columbus condo for some late-night fun and at least a few hours of sleep.


The Next Day

After you and your friends wake up from a fun night out in downtown Columbus, head back out for a delicious breakfast and brunch. Here, you can recount the previous night’s events and laugh over breakfast and coffee (or something stronger).

Our recommended eateries in the city include:

Once breakfast/brunch is over, you can head back to your condo for some much-needed lazy time—or, if the weather’s nice, venture out to one of Columbus’ many beautiful parks for some fresh air and relaxation.

Some of our favorite parks in Columbus include:


Once the weekend is over, your friends will most likely leave your downtown Columbus condo wanting more. “Why don’t we live here?” and “When can we come back?” are just two of the many envy-filled questions they might ask before they leave.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully introduced your friends to Columbus. And you can rest happy and satisfied that you gave them a truly unforgettable experience.

Like showing people around and being the go-to contact for what to do in Columbus? Become a Certified Tourism Ambassador.